Course overview autumn 2017

Mon 28/8 - Wed 27/9  Thu 28/9 - Mon 30/10 Tue 31/10 - Wed 29/11 Thu 30/11 - Fri 12/1
week 35 - 39   week 39 - 44 week 44 - 48 week 48 - 2  
Swe = Taught in Swedish - the applicant must fulfil the Swedish language requirements!
Eng = Chemistry courses in English
  Bachelor's level (First cycle) courses:    
Bachelor’s programme in Chemistry/Molecular Biology/ Nutrition/ Teacher education/ fre-standing courses    
Year 1 Basic chemistry (KZ2012) 15 hp      Swe Organic chemistry I   Swe Biochemistry I  Swe
 Semester 1 Part 1:Equilibrium 7,5 hp Part 2: Structure 7,5 hp (KO2003) 7,5 hp (KB2003) 7,5 hp
Bachelor’s programme in Chemistry/ free-standing courses      
Year 2 Biochemistry I  Swe Biochemistry II  Swe Physical Chemistry  Swe Chemical Bonding
 Semester 3 (KB2003) 7,5 hp   (KB3003) 7,5 hp (KZ4013) 10 hp KZ4012) 5 hp  Swe
Bachelor’s programme in Chemistry          
Year 3 Optional course 15 hp Traineeship in  Chemistry  Chemical Modelling  Eng
 Semester 5           (KZ5004) 7,5 hp  Swe (KZ7002) 7,5 hp
Optional /free-standing courses        
Biochemistry III - from Gene to Function Eng    
(KB5006) 15 hp    
Organic Chemistry - Reactivity and Structure  Eng    
 (KO5001) 15 hp    
Introduction to Environmental Chemistry, FC  Eng    
(KZ4007) 15 hp    
Master's level (Second cycle) courses:      
Biochemistry and biophysics Structural Biochemistry  Eng The Molecular Properties of Proteins…  Eng
(KB7010) 15 hp (KB7011) 15 hp
Biomolekylär NMR  Eng      
(KB7005) 15hp      
Materials chemistry Solid State Chemistry  Eng Introduction to Materials Chemistry  Eng
(KZ7003) 15 hp (KZ8012)  15 hp
Introduction to Analytical Electron Microscopy
 (KZ8009) 7.5 hp  Eng
Advanced Transmission Electron Microscopy
 (KZ8010) 7.5 hp  Eng
NMR in Materials Chemistry Chemical Modelling  Eng
(KZ8005) 7,5 hp  Eng (KZ7002) 7,5 hp
Organic chemistry Advanced Organic Synthesis  Eng Organometallic Chemistry  Eng
(KO7003) 15 hp (KO7009) 15 hp
Neuro-     chemistry Neurochemistry with Molecular Neurobiology  Eng Recombinant Peptides and Proteins  Eng
(KN7001) 15 hp     (KN7003) 15 hp 
          Signal Transduction  Eng
  (KN8002) 15 hp
Analytical chemistry Analytical Chemistry, Advanced separation methods  Eng Analytical Chemistry, Mass Spectrometry  Eng
(KA7006) 15 hp     (KA7004)  15 hp
          Analytical Chemistry, Mass Spectrometry (theory)  Eng
      (KA7003) 7,5 hp, Pace 50 %
Introductory courses (Evening time)     
The Biochemistry of the Brain  (KN1001)  7,5 hp, Pace 25%, evening  Swe