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Chemistry section at Stockholm University

The Chemistry Section at Stockholm University consists of the Department of Biochemistry & Biophysics, Department of Materials and Environmental Chemistry and Department of Organic Chemistry.

Education is held in the Chemical Practice Laboratory (KÖL), which is in direct connections to Arrheniuslaboratoriet in the Frescati area. KÖL is also responsible for the administration of the section's programs and courses.

The institutions participate extensively in undergraduate education with courses at all levels. A close link between teaching and research has long been a tradition at the section and assures that teaching is based on evidence.

The section's research spans a wide area and many of the projects are very high class. According to the prestigious Shanghai list, the research in the chemical section at Stockholm University, is among the top 50 in the world, and top 10 in Europe.

Research that will in particular help to address future environmental and climate problems, cure diseases, improve the living standards of people, and to develop new materials and medicines.


Berit Olofsson, Section Dean

Student Office
E-mail: exp@kol.su.se



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