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Master's programmes in chemistry

We offer five unique and different master’s programmes in chemistry, along with at the joint master Molecular Tools in Life Science, given by KI, KTH and SU.

The master’s programmes last two years (120 credits, ECTS). It will end with a diploma project comprising of at least 30 credits. After finishing a master’s programme you will receive a master’s degree within your chosen area.
The different master’s programmes include mandatory and elective courses. The courses have a strong research focus and the teachers are prominent researchers within their fields.

Application for fall 2021 enrollment opens for international applicants on the 15th of October.

Analytisk kemi

Master's Programme in Analytical Chemistry

What is the difference between clean and polluted environments and between effective and ineffective drugs (both legal and illegal)? The key is being able to measure the presence of different chemicals. The Master of Analytic Chemistry teaches you the science of measurement and is in high demand by employers in a range of industries.

Read more about the program, what our students have to say, and how to apply here:


Life Science

Master's Programme in Molecular Techniques in Life Science

Our understanding of the human body on a molecular level has advanced dramatically in recent years which has led to the development of new therapies and diagnostic tools for the effective treatment of diseases. Students at the Molecular Techniques in Life Science programme will receive a comprehensive education in life science emphasising cutting-edge methods in bioinformatics analysis of big data, combined with state-of-the-art techniques used in modern "high throughput" molecular biology. Students will also learn how to translate biological findings into diagnostic tools and novel treatments.

Read more about the program, what our students have to say, and how to apply here:


Master's Programme in Neurochemistry with Molecular Neurobiology

Are you interested in how the nervous system works at its most fundamental level? Do you want to study at the frontier where chemistry and biology meet? Then this highly selective master’s programme, the only one in Europe dedicated to neurochemistry with molecular neurobiology, could be for you.

Read more about the program, what our students have to say, and how to apply here:

Organisk kemi

Master's Programme in Organic Chemistry

The master’s programme in organic chemistry examines how to identify and synthesize small carbon-based molecules and describe how they interact in complex biological systems. These molecules are the building blocks for life and also for many modern materials like pharmaceuticals, plastics and biofuels.

Read more about the program, what our students have to say, and how to apply here:

E.coli bacteria expressing recombinant fluorescent proteins.

Master's Programme in Protein Chemistry

Proteins are the building blocks of life. They play a central role in various disease processes and can also be used for therapeutic and diagnostic purposes. We will provide a 360 degree understanding of proteins, from their physical properties and structures, to how they behave, interact and function in complex environments.  If you want to learn more about these fascinating molecules then the Master’s Programme in Biochemistry with specialization in protein chemistry could be for you. 

Green tech

Master's Programme in Sustainable Chemistry

Sustainability - how to achieve and maintain it - depends on several complex factors where sustainable chemistry is key. Sustainable chemistry is a broad field that addresses and solves important environmental and climate change related problems.