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Therese Sörensen, PhD student in Biochemsitry

Therese Sörensen

Meet Therese Sörensen, one of our alumni, now doing her PhD in Biochemistry at DBB, Stockholm University

Tobias Nilsson, PhD student Biochemistry

Tobias Nilsson PhD student biochemistry

Meet Tobias Nilsson, one of our alumni, now doing his PhD in biochemistry at DBB, Stockholm University!

Greta Kampe, Master's student in Neurochemsitry

Greta Kampe

Meet Greta Kampe, a German Erasmus student who decided to stay and finish her master in neurochemistry in Stockholm.

Rozanna Avagyan, PhD student in Analytical Chemistry

Rozanna Avagyan

Meet Rozanna Avagyan, one of our alumni, now doing her PhD in Analytical Chemistry at ACES, Stockholm University


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