University account

As a student at Stockholm University, you get a University account which gives you access to IT services such as email, e-resources, wireless internet, and student computer labs.

It is mandatory for all chemistry students to activate their university account. 

Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to activate your account.

My University

On the University's student portal "My University" you can see your academic performance, create transcripts and certificate of registration as pdf files, register for exams (LADOK) access wireless network. There you can also access the learning platforms . To log on to the My Studies, you need to have activated your university account.

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Information from the student offic and teacher, will be sent to your University e-mail account. You need to forward e-mail sent to the account to another email address. This is done at My university, account management or on the following address: You must be logged in to your University account to manage your email account.


You will be registerd after the roll-call. Please note that roll-calls for courses are mandatory.

Access pass, computer hall

You can pick up your access pass to computer hall at the KÖL student office. With this card, you get access to the computer room and student kitchen.

Computer hall, access pass:

-Must be returned to the student office when you finish your studies at KÖL or if you interrupt your studies during the semester
-notify KÖL if you lose your pass, it will be cancelled
-valid for one semester / academic year, depending on what you are studying
-must be updated at the Student Affairs Office, KÖL, at the start of fall semester

Computer halls

Computer hall at KÖL is in K building on the 3rd floor. It is intended for chemistry students only. In order to log into the computers in the computer hall, you need your university account. Read more about the rules and instructions. The hall is open 8:00 to 22:00 weekdays.

Student kitchen

The stundent kitchen is located in M Building on the 3rd floor. There are microwave ovens and refrigerators. Please, clean up after yourself.


On the 3rd floor of the M building you will find student lockers. All students registered on the the chemistry undergraduate programme, may sign for a locker at the Student Affiars Office, KÖL. Please bring your own padlock.
Never store valuables in the locker. It must be kept locked, otherwise there is a risk of use by unauthorized people. When no longer needed, notify the student office the cabinet. The locker is at your disposal for the entire academic year, if you study chemistry. Please vacate it, before the summer holiday. NOTE! Locked cabinets that are not vacated at the end of term, will be opened and emptied.


As a student at KÖL, you may use the copier at the student office. Reproduction cost 1 SEK / page. Copiers also available at the h the information desk in the A building check.

Course information

Basic information about courses, schedules, syllabi, grading etc. can be found at, under the tab Education. Most courses have more course material for those registered in educational platform.


Lecture halls and student laboratories (KÖL) are named for example K438, where K refers to the K buildning, and 4 is the floor the room is located on.

For campus maps, please klick here

Laboratory safety equipment

When working in laboratories, the use of lab coat and goggles is mandatory. These will be given to you during your first lab session, and will be returned up on the finsh of your stuides.


All exams at the University are anonymous. This means that your name and social security number is not visible to the teacher marking the exam or grading it. Instead, you are identified by a code that apply to you, at this particular examination. At the next anonymous exam you will get a different code.

Anonymous code will appear in LADOK, when you register for the exam. You will also receive an e-mail with anonymous code. NOTE! Bring your code to the exam!

Please note that our ethical guidlines apply during your studies at the Chemistry Section.

Regular exams are for those involved in teaching and is registered for the course.

Re-sit examination usually takes about one week after the regular examination. You must register via LADOK at least 3 days in advance. Exams are usually at the KÖL in lecture halls. Examination is cancelled if no registrations have been received before the closing date.

Collecting Exams. In addition to a regular exam and a re-sits there are usually a re-sit period in August, possibly in June, when you can take the examination of the courses given during the previous school year. You must register via LADOK week before the exam.

As soon as the result is available in Ladok, you can see your results.

Removal of the exams is made on the student's office unless otherwise indicated. If you want to get the assessment of examination reconsidered, the exam is not collected from the expedition, but you must contact the teacher as soon as possible. When you looked through your exam in the office, type in a list that you have obtained it.
Points Reporting

Most courses consist of a theoretical part and a lab portion, when a part is finished it reported in the University's student records system, Ladok.

Transcript / certificate of registration / Ladok

Details of your studies recorded in the university's student records system, Ladok. You can access your information or download an excerpt at the student office.
If any information is missing or is incorrect, you should contact the student office / institution concerned.


Actions that affect an individual negatively, which could exclude the person from the department community or hamper their opportunities to carry out good work, can be harassment under the Discrimination Act or victimization / bullying. In the Action plan, discrimination of student (47 Kb) you will find information on how this is being addressed at the Chemistry Section.

Academic year

The academic year consists of two semesters, the fall and the spring semester. Each semester is divided into four course periods, A-D. Each study period equals 7,5 credits (hp), and a full academic year equals 60 credits.


At the start of each new course there will be a roll-call, which is mandatory. If your are not present, you will, not be accepted to the course. Time and place for roll-calls will be posted on the the Chemsitry Section website,


Note! As a new student accepted to a Masters’ program, you DO NOT have to apply for the first course of the fall semester.

Applications for the fall semester have to be registered on April 15th. Applications for the spring semester have to be registered on October 15th.

Other deadlines will occur during your courses, please take note of these, as there will be consequences for tardiness.

Student union/discounts

To join the student union, you need to be registerd on at least one ECTS per semeser. To be able to use SL/SJ discounts, you need to be registerd on at least 22.5 ECTS per semester.

More information to be found on the SUS web,

Cheating and Plagiarism

The Chemistry Section takes any form of cheating and plagiarism very seriously. Any suspicion will be reported by the Director of Studies at your department to the President of Stockholm University for further handling of the diciplinary matter. 

If you have been suspected of cheating and plagiarims

Read about the guidlines for disciplinary matters