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Leading research

Leading research at the University

At Stockholm university, a wide range of research is conducted, leading to a wide range of cross-discipline research, and collaborations between different research areas. the potential for cross-discipline research.

Many research groups are in the forefront of their research area. Of the university's research, 30 are appointed with profile-status. Research in these areas leads nationally and have a high international status.

Profile areas where research in chemistry are included:

Biological Membranes
Biological Modeling
Catalysis in Organic Chemistry
Climate, Ocean and Environment
Materials Chemistry


Chemistry Section, Head of Section
Berit Olofsson, Professor

Biochemistry and Biophysics, Head of department
Lena Mäler, Professor

Materials and Environmental chemistry, Head of Department
Gunnar Svensson, Professor

Organic chemistry, Head of Deparment
Göran Widmalm