Bashar Abdelahad, masters student in analytical chemistry at Stockholm university
Bashar Abdelahad

I needed one year of study to get my bachelor's degree from Stockholm University.  I felt that I needed to understand chemistry more deeply and that's why I continued with the master program. For me, chemistry is a science with no end.

I think the most interesting part of chemistry is biochemistry since you study proteins, DNA and energy processes in our bodies. The best thing about the program is that we spend a lot of time in the lab. At Stockholm University, you will not forget what you have learned because you get the information theoretical and then you apply it practically at the lab. My favourite lab is the analytical one because there we can test different methods to find and analyse compounds. It could be for example the amount of toxic compounds in the water, soil, materials, food, air or organisms.  

Chemistry has many branches and at the bachelor level you will learn about all these branches. You will learn how to plan, think logic, solve problems and develop your skills, you will learn, explore and discover things and details which you can't imagine exist. After the bachelor you can choose the branch that you love and move to a more advanced level. I think it’s more fun at this level since it allows you to be more independent at the lab and you can use your knowledge to solve the problems.  

Throughout your study at Stockholm University you will get high-quality education and all kinds of support from teachers and the administration. The most important thing is to make friends and study in groups – then college might as well be the best time of your life.

Best of luck!