The three years of courses in this program provided me with an insight and knowledge about different field of chemistry and of those, analytical chemistry was the one that appealed to me the most. The last course in this program was a diploma project which I decided to perform at the department of analytical chemistry.

After finishing the bachelor program, I continued with the master program in analytical chemistry. The first year of the program involves four courses; advanced separation method, mass spectrometry, chemometrics and bioanalytical chemistry. This year of courses allowed me to obtain knowledge about various analytical methods and instrumentation. The experimental part during the courses consist mostly of group work in which you will plan and perform the analysis of real issue. This part, I was finding as a very interesting and enjoyable way to learn. The second year of the program, I decided to perform a 60 ECTS diploma project at the department of analytical chemistry.

I can truly recommend the master program in analytical chemistry since it allows you to get an attractive education, either if you want to continue in academia or start working in the industry. After completed the master program, I was working as a laboratory engineer at a pharmaceutical company for three months. The company was especially appreciating the great lab skills which I had obtained during the master program.

When starting my university studies in 2013, I did not plan to continue at the university to do a PhD, but through the years of studies I really enjoyed the interesting research at the university. During the time I did my master project, a very interesting PhD position was announced in analytical chemistry which I applied for and luckily was offered.

Good luck with your chemistry studies!


Josefine Carlsson