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Information about studies at the Chemistry Section during restrictions due to Covid-19

Teachers, TAs and administrative staff at the Chemistry Section are currently working hard to ensure we can deliver education of the same quality as under normal circumstances but being as flexible as possible to reduce risk of transmission. This can lead to that you as a student might get less scheduled time in the lab or that you will begin later and finish later (to avoid rush hour traffic) or that you cannot have lunch at KÖL before or after your lab work and you are not able to linger in KÖLs common areas after lectures or labs. Please read more about it here.

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Schedules and course information Fall 2020

Preliminary schedules for advanced courses will be available a couple of weeks before course commencement.

Please note that the roll call on the first day of the course is compulsary. 

If you have any questions about the course or its contents please contact the Course Coordinator or the Chemistry Section & Student Affairs Office.

Schedules for advanced courses given during the fall of 2020



Course overview in chemistry Fall 2020

Most of the Bachelor's level courses are taught in Swedish, hence you must fulfill the Swedish language requirements to be an eligible applicant. These are marked as green in the course overview.

Advanced courses, taught at Master's level, are taught in English and marked as orange in the course overview. To be accepted you need to fulfil both the requirements stated in ECTS for each course and in English. Please make sure you meet these requirements before you apply.

Please note! Each semester corresponds to 30 ECTS. Courses are read in series and it is not adviceable able to enroll in two parallell courses. 


Course Overview Fall 2020>>

Studies at the Chemisty Section are usually full-time. Please remember to find time for rest and recuperation.

Full-time studies at the Chemistry Section

Studies at the Chemistry Sections are almost exclusively full-time studies. That means that students often have scheduled sessions from morning to late afternoon. This means that you need to plan your time accordingly. Plan your time well and make sure to leave time for rest and recuperation.